Audiology Services

Hearing Tests

Diagnostic Hearing tests Hearing Screening
Tinnitus evaluation and treatment
Neonatal hearing screening is available to all babies born in the Maternity Units at Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital and The Life Crompton hospital.

Hearing Aids

Offering the latest technology in hearing aids from international brands:
Oticon, Signia, Widex & Rexton
Enjoy streamlined Bluetooth connectivity for iPhone and Android

Auditory Processing

Assessment of auditory processing in children and fitting of auditory processing assistive devices.

Vertigo & Balance

Assessment and management of Vertigo (Dizziness) and Balance
Using bedside assessment
Videonystagmography (VNG)
and Calorics

The HearClear Audiology Blog

 Knowing about hearing and how it works can help you to protect your sense of hearing and prevent further damage to your ears. Many people also don’t know that taking care of your hearing means taking care of your brain and slowing down the effects of cognitive decline that inevitably come with aging. Learn more about hearing health, brain hearing, auditory processing, vertigo (dizziness) and balance by visiting the HearClear Audiology blog.

Watch Mandy Discuss Hearing Health

Reviews From Patients

"Mandy is absolutely phenomenal. Exceptionally patient, thorough and only wants to the best for her patients. Her follow up care after you receive your hearing aids is brilliant."
"Mandy Pillay is the best audiologist I have ever had.
She goes the extra mile to help me.
I would highly recommend her to everyone."
"It’s not often you meet people who are exceptional at what they do. Mandy is exceptional and truly does offer you the best advice...Would recommend her in a second."