Mandy Pillay

Audiologist & Speech Therapist

B. Speech & Hearing Therapy (UDW)
Cert. Vest. Disorders (UCT)
PR. No. 8211698

Mandy Pillay is an Audiologist & Speech Therapist in private practice at Life the Crompton Hospital in Pinetown, Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital as well as Le Domaine Retirement Village in Hillcrest.

Mandy Pillay has over 30 years of experience having practiced in the government sector (public hospitals) as well as private practice (private hospitals). She specializes in vertigo/ balance and dizziness disorders, newborn hearing testing, industrial audiology as well as general hearing tests and fitting of hearing aids. She also hosts CME discussions with doctors and other medical professionals as well as talks at Baby workshops and ante-natal clinics for expecting mothers. Mandy Pillay is registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as well as the South African Speech-Language Hearing Association (SASLHA) and South African Audiology Association (SAA).

Hearing Tests
Hearing Aids
Balance and Dizziness Assessments
Industrial Audiology
Newborn Hearing Testing
Hearing Screening at Schools