Hearing Tests

Hearing Tests

Hearing assessment is conducted at:

  • Hillcrest Private Hospital
  • Crompton Hospital
  • Westville Hospital

Associations with Retirement Homes:

  • Le Domaine Retirement Village
  • Chelsea Village
  • Sandown Village
  • Doone Village
  • Fairydene Village
  • Hillcrest Country Estate
  • Pinetown Nursing Home

Audiology services are provided to both adults and children who present with conditions which include hearing loss and vertigo (dizziness). Preventative assessments and early diagnosis are encouraged. Our practice services preschools and primary schools, as well as admitted patients and out patients at 3 private hospitals.

We currently do hearing screening at the following schools:

  • Kloof Pre- Pimary
  • Hillcrest Pre- Primary
  • Westville Junior Primary
  • Clifton Hill Nursery School
  • Benedicts Primary School

Diagnostic hearing assessments are conducted at:

  • Hillcrest Private Hospital
  • Crompton Hospital
  • Neonatal Hearing Assessments

Infant Hearing Screening

Hillcrest Private Hospital

Life Crompton Hospital and Hillcrest Private Hospital in conjunction with Mandy Pillay Audiologist & Speech Language Therapist, is now able to offer Infant Hearing Screening to all babies born in the Maternity unit. The test includes the following objective procedures: High Frequency Tympanometry. Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) and Automated Auditory Brainstem Response (AABR). This test battery is used to assess the Auditory pathway from the external ear to the Auditory Nerve.

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) is a fast, non-invasive and objective newborn hearing screening method to assess cochlear (inner ear) integrity. The test is conducted by placing a probe into the ear canal. Soft click tones are presented and the probe measures the cochlear response or ‘’echo”.

Automated Auditory Brainstem Response (AABR) is a screening electrophysiological measure of the Auditory nerve function. Electrodes are placed behind the ears and on the forehead. A probe is placed in the ear which presents click stimuli. A simple pass or fail response is obtained.

High Frequency Tympanometry is used to assess middle ear function. This test is essential as part of the battery of tests to identify middle ear pathology. The same probe is placed in the ear canal. A probe tone of 1000 Hz tone is used as a stimulus to assess the function of the external and middle ears.

Please inform maternity staff if you require your baby’s hearing to be tested during your maternity stay at the hospital. Hearing screening at Life Crompton Hospital is charged directly to medical aid at Medical Aid Rates.

Neonatal Hearing Assessments

Neo natal mandy pillay

Children's Hearing

Hearing in children is critical for language and academic development. Being aware of your child’s hearing is a daily necessity. Hearing loss in children, if identified and treated early, can improve and sustain a child’s development.

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