Case Study: Oticon More

A 32 year old professional reported poor hearing 8 years ago. She suffered a sudden hearing loss as a result of a viral infection. When tested she was diagnosed with moderate to severe sensorineural (permanent) hearing loss. After many hearing aid trials she was fitted with a set of hearing aids. This young lady has annual hearing tests to monitor her hearing and adjust her hearing aids.

In 2021 December the patient experienced further deterioration of her hearing. It was also time to consider a new set of hearing aids. In January 2022, she started a trial of new hearing aids. I trialed a few hearing aids brands on her. I then fitted with a set of Oticon More 1. The patient’s immediate reaction was that she could hear the details of speech that she often missed with her old hearing aids. I sent her away to trial the hearing aids for a week.

When fitting hearing aids, it is important to choose a technology level to suit the patient’s lifestyle, hearing needs and hearing loss. This young lady is a professional with an acoustically demanding lifestyle. She works in many different environments that are noisy and challenging. Her social life is quite typical for her age. She frequents noisy restaurants, shopping malls, parties and sports clubs. I therefore chose Oticon More 1 for her. The automatic adaptive features allows for superior noise reduction in the environments in which this patient, works and socializes. This level of technology ensures that the hearing aid performs optimally with the least listening effort.

This patient preferred Oticon More 1 hearing aids over all other products. She was successfully fitted and continues to enjoy ease of listening and all the Bluetooth streaming capabilities.